Dermal fillers, also known as injectable implants, soft tissue fillers, lip and facial fillers, or wrinkle fillers are medical device implants approved by the US FDA for use in helping to create a smoother and/or fuller appearance in the face, including nasolabial folds (the lines extending from the sides of the nose to the edges of the mouth), cheeks, chin, lips, and back of the hands.

What Are Fillers Made With?

Here are different kinds of substances that dermal fillers are made from. These include Hyaluronic acid, Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), Poly-L-lactic acid and Calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA). All these types of fillers are approved for use by the US FDA. However, in India, including Kolkata, only Hyaluronic acid fillers are approved, which is why these are the ones we will discuss in further detail.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is also available in the body under normal circumstances. It is present in the extra-cellular matrix and found throughout the body. However, around 50% of the hyaluronic acid that is present in the human body is in our skin. Its normal function is to retain water and it helps in hydration. Dermal fillers should only be injected by a trained aesthetic dermatologist or surgeon.

They are injected under the skin to help you gain volume, support certain structures in your face and also enable contouring of the face. The areas under the skin where a dermal filler is injected include: Into the dermis (which is a layer of the skin) Subcutaneously (under the skin) Into the supra periosteal region (just above the bone) Once injected, the inert filler stays in the region till it is metabolized by the body (6-18 months, depending on the individual as well as kind of product injected). They hence, pull the connective tissue structures at desired angles or simply add volume. Since the change they bring needs to be precise, it is very important for your specialist doctor to understand the dermal planes and predict properly how the fillers will affect your appearance.

FDA recommends that Dermal fillers are to be done by only board-certified Dermatologists or Plastic surgeons. We assure you that the dermatologists at La Derma are highly trained at injecting and are specifically selected based on these abilities. Dermal fillers are therefore a safe option for enhanced facial aesthetics and can be explored by you with confidence.


Is Dermal Filler Treatment Safe?

Yes. It is approved by US FDA and safe when performed by a board certified dermatologist.

Do Facial Fillers Make You Look Younger?

Dermal fillers can fill in lines, creases, and sunken areas of the face that develop with the natural aging process. Regular follow up sessions can help to slow down the visible effects of aging on your face. Regular aesthetic treatments like dermal filler can help in diminishing the signs prominently.

What are indications for dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are a great solution for getting rid of aging concerns like fine lines and wrinkles, along with restoring the lost volume in different areas of your face.

  • Forehead: Both horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and frown lines can be filled-in with the help of dermal fillers.
  • Nasolabial Area: Nasolabial folds or smile lines that run from the corner of your nose to your mouth can be filled in easily.
  • Under Eye: Dermal fillers for dark circles or sunken under eye are a common anti-aging treatment opted to rejuvenate the skin and change the entire look of your face.
  • Cheeks: Sunken areas in cheeks, jowls or other creases can be eliminated in a matter of an hour or so.
  • Nose: Prominent bumps in the nose can be filled-in with the help of dermal fillers and at the cost of a surgical treatment.
  • Chin: Marionette lines that run from the mouth corners to the chin can be treated effectively. Loss of fat in the chin and jawline area can also be filled-in.
  • Lips Augmentation: For people who want to plump up their thin lips, dermal fillers are an easy and safe treatment option to choose.
  • Lip lightening: Dermal fillers also used to lighten the lips and treat chapped lips.
  • Hands: Augmentation (increased volume) of back of the hand.
  • Private Parts: For rejuvenation of private parts in females.
  • Hypo trophic scars: To fill hypo trophic scars.
  • Breast Fillers: To increase volume, size and tighten breasts. It is non-surgical breast augmentation treatment.
  • Buttock Fillers: To increase size, correct contour. It is non-surgical buttock augmentation treatment.

What is the cost of DERMAL FILLER TREATMENT in Kolkata?

Target Area Indicative Price
Lip filler for hydration and pinkness Rs. 15000
Lip fillers for volume Rs. 28000
Nose fillers Rs. 28000
Chin filler (requires 1-3 syringes) Rs. 28000-75000
Jawline shaping with fillers (requires 2-4 syringes) Rs. 50000-99000
Under eye filler Rs. 28000
Breast Fillers (2 syringes) Rs. 75000
Buttock Fillers (2 syringes) Rs. 80000


At La Derma , we only use treatments which have been assessed & approved by top regulators in India & across the world. Also,our doctors make sure that any risks / side effects associated with the Dermal Filler is clearly communicated beforehand.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are inert substances and therefore the chances of complications are minimal. The risks associated are the same that you have with any other injection

  • Bruising may occur in some cases. This will normally subside within 1-2 days.
  • Swelling may sometimes occur at the site of injection, but this subsides within 1-2 days even if it does occur
  • If you have a bleeding disorder like hemophilia you should avoid dermal fillers.
  • There are other complications possible in case the filler is injected into a blood vessel, but this would not happen with a good injector.

These are the reasons why you should ensure that your fillers are performed only under the supervision of a really good dermatologist. They can ensure the minimization of these risks and also put you at ease regarding how to handle them, given the minimal chances that they do occur.


Make sure that you know about the pre-treatment ''Dos And Don'ts'' for the Dermal Filler. Ask your doctor for the preparation checklist if available.

There are no absolute lifestyle changes that you need to take before going ahead with dermal fillers. However, some things that would help with the avoidance of any unwanted side effects are:

  • no blood thinning supplements like aspirin to be taken for 2 weeks before a treatment session
  • no smoking means lesser chances of bruising etc.
  • check with your specialist if any of the products in your skin care routine can interfere with the treatment results.


For better results, our expert will suggest some after-treatment care which needs to be followed properly.
There is no specific after-care required for filler injections. Inform your dermatologist in case you feel pain or any other form of discomfort.


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Ans. Yes, the Dermal Filler Treatment is completely safe . At La Derma Skin & Hair Clinic, Kolkata, we use FDA Approved Technologies for Dermal Filler and treatment is provided under the guidance of thoroughly vetted Skin Care Specialists
Ans. Every treatment has its pros & cons including Dermal Filler treatment. The Right treatment choice depends on the extent of DERMAL FILLER and multiple other factors. Our Dermal Filler Experts at La Derma Skin & Hair Clinic, Kolkata can help you choose the best proceedure for DERMAL FILLER or any other related concern.
Ans. The results for Dermal Filler treatments may vary depending on multiple factors.We at La Derma Skin & Hair Clinic, Kolkata have top DERMAL FILLER experts equipped with the best in class technologies to deliver remarkable results.
Ans. We at La Derma Skin & Hair Clinic, Kolkata have a very transparent pricing policy . The full price details are shared at the very start of treatment. You can find the indicative pricing for DERMAL FILLER treatments above.
Ans. The Dermal Filler Specialists are generally Dermatologists with speciality or expertise in DERMAL FILLER treatments. We at La Derma Skin & Hair Clinic, Kolkata make sure that you are treated by experts with best knowldege and skills in the required category. At La Derma Skin & Hair Clinic you can be sure of being treated by the best in their fields.
Ans. All The treatments for DERMAL FILLER or other related concerns provided at La Derma Skin & Hair Clinic, Kolkata are cleared by FDA/ other top regulators of in India. Clearance is given after thorough assessment for risk / benefits of any treatment. You can read about the risks associated with Dermal Filler treatment above and also discuss the same with our expert in Kolkata.

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