The BB glow treatment is a semi-permanent makeup and non-surgical procedure that uses a highly effective tinted pigments. The pigment is applied using a microneedle to penetrate the skin, it adds nutrients as well as desired colour which produces natural collagen.
This can improve elasticity and vibrancy, as well as the look and texture of your facial skin. It's a safe procedure that gives your skin a radiant, smooth look with highlighted contours - much like the results you would get from applying foundation.
t is also known as BB Glow Micro needling or BB Glow Mesotherapy or semi-permanent makeup/Foundation.

Benefits of BB Glow

  • • Instantly glowing and radiant complexion
  • • Hydrated skin
  • • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • • Reduction of dark under-eye circles
  • • Reduction of blackheads and pores
  • • Infusion of antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-aging ingredients
  • • Evens out blemishes and discoloration
  • • Reduces melanin content in the skin before and after UV exposure
  • • Covers up redness (rosacea) and broken capillaries

BB Glow Facial Steps

  • • Deep Cleanse: A custom cleanser will be chosen based on your skin type to help remove surface debris and oil
  • • Exfoliation: Exfoliating gel is applied to gently clean the pores and remove dead skin cells to assist in the absorption of the BB Glow serum
  • • Neutralization: Toner is used to re-establish the skin’s optimal pH, reducing redness and hydrating the skin
  • • Booster Serum: The custom booster serum is hand-tailored to your skin needs and applied using micro-needling to boost the effects of the BB Glow facial
  • • BB Glow Serum: BB Glow serum is chosen according to your desired shade and will be infused using micro-needling technology
  • • Bio-Silk Mask: A hydrating mask is applied over the BB Glow serum to ensure that it doesn’t dry out while providing hydrating and soothing benefits to your skin

After Care for BB Glow Treatment

An aftercare cream with be provided/prescribed which must be used every day as directed by the doctor.

  • • Avoid the use of soaps, face wash and scrubs for 24 hours post-procedure.
  • • Refrain from applying makeup on the treated area for at least 24 hours.
  • • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, steam and sauna for at least 2 weeks post-treatment.
  • • Avoid swimming and vigorous exercise for one week post-procedure.
  • • Refrain from using retinol-based creams, AHA’s and BHA’s during the entire course of the treatment.
  • • Avoid alcohol consumption for 12 hours post-treatment.
  • • It is recommended to drink water frequently while the treated area is healing.

Side Effects & Precautions for BB Glow

After the BB Glow treatment, you may experience temporary tightness, redness, or irritation which will naturally subside with time. Any redness seen on the face will decrease in 3-4 days.

The BB Glow treatment is not recommended for people with skin cancer, skin disease, active infections or open wounds, allergies to the ingredients, or patients with melanoma or other skin lesions. The treatment is also not recommended for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What is the Cost of BB Glow treatment? What is the Price for BB Glow facial near you in Kolkata?

Indicative Pricing for BB Glowtreatment in Kolkata at La Derma Clinics in Kolkata is Rs.6000 per single session. The prices for packages are given below .

Package Indicative Price in Rs.
3 Sessions Rs. 16,000
4 Sessions Rs. 22,000
6 Sessions Rs. 30,000

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Dr. Khushbu Tantia

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She is an Aesthetic Dermatologist and Cosmetologist. She has done MBBS and MD ( Dermatology & VD) from top medical college of Bengaluru KIMS. She also has a Certificate in Cosmetic Dermatology from Kolkata. She is also expert in skin lasers, fillers ,micro needling and permanent makeup.


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Got More Questions About BB Glow Treatment?

Yes, The BB Glow treatment is one of the best FDA-approved Korean beauty procedures that makes your skin look radiant, naturally. The treatment takes about 1 hour, including skin preparation time.
Ans. Once the session is done, you will see the results for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. It is recommended to come by for a touch-up session to ensure that the treatment shows lasting results for at least 6 months.
Ans. You will see some improvements after the first session, but the best results require at least 4-6 sessions with 2-week intervals for long-lasting effective results. You can visit the Doctor/therapist for maintenance treatment every 4 to 5 months.
Ans. The BB Glow treatment is accompanied by a slight tingling sensation as the microneedle goes through the skin. It doesn’t hurt too much and the recovery procedure also doesn’t entail any redness or pain.

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